Trust me it won’t Rain

Wednesday we returned to the Bricklayers Arms our old headquarters, under new management and much improved, we will add back onto our ride list.

Fridays ride to Poplar Nurseries was reasonably supported, there will be no Friday ride this week due to other commitments.

As winter is around the corner I will not publish the Wednesday ride in advance, we will make the decision on the day as appropriate for the weather conditions.

I now have the full list of attendees for the Christmas lunch and will email the 3 drivers who have volunteered their services as to who they will collect.

I think is about time we had a song to sing as we venture up hill and down dale through North Essex and South Suffolk on Wednesdays, so folks.

In the key of C  4/4

“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.

It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.””

repeat 16 times

“It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.”

Thats all folks


Week Ending 11th November

Sorry for the delay of this posting.

Fridays ride out to the Shepherd was within reach of the Wednesday riders if we took the shortest route, however you need a black American Express Card to eat there (no credit limit).

Wednesday we will travel up Bakers Lane and make our way to the Bricklayers.

Friday, contact me via email on Thursday, current favourite is Poplar Nurseries.

I think by now most of you are aware of the changes that will take place on January 1st 2019, just in case the following is a resume.

“The proposals in respect of the groups direction and future, based upon the reply from members will take effect from January 1st 2019.

These being:-

Cease charging for rides after 3 weeks.

Cease membership of Cycling U.K. at renewal.

Cease renewal of Ride Leaders insurance.

Retain the name “Cycling for Pleasure (Colchester)”.

Retain the Bank Account and signatories.

Meet Wednesday and Fridays as a group of like minded cyclists.

Maintain some printed matter to hand out to interested parties.

Maintain the Web site

Charge an annual fee of £12.00 to cover promotional material payable in full on 1st January each year or in two £6.00 instalments in January and July.  New members will still enjoy 3 weeks free.

Maintain a register of members emergency phone contacts.

Each rider will take responsibilty for their own safety.

It would be preferred that each rider joins Cycling U.K. this will give insurance together with discounts at some cycle related stores. Adult current rate £46.50.  Senior £29.50.

In future a tail light to be used by the person at the front of the group and a front light by the person at the rear of the group, this will assist those riders in knowing the spread of the group.”

Finally, I have 16 booked for the Christmas Lunch on the 28th November, the cut of date too book is the 14th November.

Into November

Last Wednesdays ride was re-routed to Wivenhoeso we will ride to the Cafe near Andy’s this week.

Fridays ride was abandoned due yo colds, this was the last ride until April 2019, however if you wish to ride on a Friday email me on Thursday and I will let you know what Claire and I are doing.

At last the Christmas lunch bookings are flowing in, enjoy as this may be the last freebie.

This week I will email the group the changes that will take effect from January 1st 2019 based upon the response I received from the ballot of the regular riders.

Week Ending 28th October

Wednesday we are going to Andy’s Cafe on a new route

Friday we will go The Shepherd at Langham to see if the ride and pub is ok for the Wednesday group, this will be the last Friday ride until  April 2019.  I will continue with riding on Friday if you wish to join me please email me for details on the Thursday before.

I will have forms for the Christmas Lunch for you, so far the response is poor, I do wonder if there is any point organising these events.

Review and Rides for Week Ending 21st

Last Wednesday was a glorious ride to Fillpots with a new variation of the route, good to see Roy back from Norfolk.

Friday 7 of us much enjoyed Jon W’s trip to Walton and Clacton, a bit breezy but that made the ride more enjoyable as the waves and breakers were worth seeing and the Cafe was excellent.  Down side was having to wash the bikes down when we got back, it took me 2 days to get the sand out of my padlock.

This Wednesday I propose we try the Cafe within Wyvale’s, this will only be a short ride down the London Road Stanway.

Friday we will venture to Poplar Nurseries at Marks Tey.

I need to bring the information I hold upto date, please note you do not have to provide if you so wish.  I will be handing a form out requesting the following.


Email address

Mobile Number

Emergency contact, person and phone number.

A Fools and Horses Moment

Last Wednesday we MIST the train Doh!  So it was Wivenhoe for most of us but Ruth and Jon did the ride and enjoyed lunch.

Friday was a non event due to riders cancelling so Claire and I did our own thing.

This Wednesday we will be going to Fillpots and its looking hot.

Friday is a train and cycle day organised by Jon, Schedule as follows:-

• Leisure World: 10.30 am;

• Catch 11:11 am train from Hythe Station to Walton on the Naze;

• Ride from Walton station to The Naze;

• Ride from the The Naze to Clacton;

• Lunch at Greenswald Cafe;

• Ride from Clacton to Walton station;

• Aim for 3.00 pm return train, but if we miss it then have afternoon tea in Clacton and catch next available train (trains run hourly);

• The ride is about 18 miles;

• Open day return tickets from Hythe are £9.20 or £7.60 if bought in advance.  Riders buy their own tickets;

• Join either at Leisure World or Hythe station or any other station that’s convenient.

Friday B rides will cease at the end of October and resume in April. The majority are fine weather riders.  Claire and I will continue to ride and you are welcome to join us email me for details, we may even go out with the A ride.

The Christmas lunch is booked for Wednesday the 28th November 13:00 at the Alma Copford.

Fish and Chips

Christmas Pudding with Cream


There will be no charge to regular Wednesday Riders, this may be the last free Christmas meal so make the most of it.


News and Updates

This Wednesday we are going to Great Bentley by train again.  I will block book 8 tickets with open return, please let me know if you intend to ride.

Friday we will decide on the day, however the following Friday 12th October Jon W has scheduled another train ride to Walton from where we will cycle the coastal route to Clacton and then return after lunch to Walton, again please let me know if you will attend.

The Christmas Lunch is booked for Wednesday the 28th November, 13:00 Pm the Alma at Copford.  I will make arrangements nearer the time for transport as I know a number of you do not drive.  The lunch will be Fish and Chips followed by Christmas pudding with cream and coffee, if you require other dietary requirements please let me know.  The cut of point to book is the 12th November, this will be the last year the Group will pay for the meal, shortly there will be news on the Groups new format.