News and Updates

Wednesdays ride to Wivenhoe was well supported but Fridays ride to Dedham had a poor turnout of 4.

Anne, Roy, Claire and myself assisted ~Happy Handlebars which ventured out to Highwoods not to Wivenhoe as advertised, however Anne, Claire and I did the route to The Blackbouy to ensure its standards are being maintained.

This Wednesday we will be going to The Musket Club, Friday to Abberton.

The June Friday day ride to Sudbury is on the 22nd June, watch this space for departure times.  Would you please advise in advance if you will attend this ride so arrangements can be made for stops.

The group now has four of it’s own bicycles, donated too or by the members, these are located at the container and should meet our needs.

We are receiving an increase in publicity and links to this page via other cycling groups this is being reflected by the number of new members, however, Ride Supporters and another Leader are required.  If any of you would be interested in taking the Bikeability Stage 3 please let me know.

Do the Wednesday riders wish to have a picnic this year, comments please.