Week Ending 10th June

Last Wednesdays ride to The Musket Club was a classic case of why a ride leader should recky a route, it was closed for half term.  We met Alan there and headed to the Roman Circus Cafe where again we met Alan.  I have suggested that I try and ride front Tandem with Alan soon, I prefer black grapes.

Richard Monk will take the group out this Wednesday, Claire is having a cataract done and I may have to act nurse.

Next week Roy will take the group to Wivenhoe.

Friday we headed to Abberton as usual a good ride. The group has come of age, I will not be out the next two weeks and they have decided among themselves to either take the train from St Botolphs to Walton or Frinton and cycle the coastal route to Clacton returning by train. Watch this space for more details if you wish to go turnout as usual at 10:15 for 10:30.