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Week Ending 5th August

Refreshing weathers arrived is this an omen for the Summer Picnic on 8th August.

Please check your emails I have posted a list of who has booked for the picnic, if your name is not there and you wish to come you have until 10:00 pm tomorrow 31st to advise me, I will book the food on Wednesday morning, if you do not advise me intime and still wish to come please bring your own food.

Wednesday we will ride to Fillpots.

Friday I will discuss with the riders on Wednesday.

Ride Information over the next 2 weeks

Wednesday 18th will be the last ride I take out until Wednesday 1st August, I suggest you turn out as normal and head to either the Oak Cafe at Highwood’s or the cafe near Andy’s, both are short safe rides.

Friday B group I am sure you can organise yourselves, maybe Eurostar to Paris then a short ride around the ring road before Moules avec Frites and the train back to the U.K.

I am in the process of sorting a ride leaders course for Jon Waite if anyone else is interested please email me, the group will pay all costs and expenses.

Wednesday Group

I have just found a location for our picnic, suggested date 8th August, please email me to book, no bookings taken after 3rd August.

I have found a new route to the Bricklayers Arms, we will ride the route this Wednesday providing there has been no rain, at the same time I will show you the picnic venue.

Jon Waite has taken the plunge, I now have to arrange for him to attend a ride leaders course, I am grateful.

Week Ending 15th July

Wednesday and Friday

In view of the high temperatures we will decide on the day based upon riders present and .their abilities as to where we ride.

Please ensure you bring enough to drink and use sun cream