Week Ending 9th September

Wednesday we will ride to Fillpots.

Friday I am looking at a route to Nayland, however there are hills.

I will be unable to  lead rides on the 14th, 19th and 21st of September and have arranged a ride leader to take the Wednesday ride out, I assume the Friday riders will sort themselves out.

I have once again been looking at alternative routes for the Wednesday Ride, The Shepherd at Langham is a possibility, a ride similar to Fillpots, However, the food is not cheap £6.50 for a sandwich with trimmings.  Would you please email me at stuart_cfp@icloud.com with your thoughts/comments on this.

After much deliberation I propose the Christmas Lunch to be held at The Alma this year, the date for your diary November the 28th, more on this next month.

Finally, the large increase in female riders over the summer is heartening.