A Fools and Horses Moment

Last Wednesday we MIST the train Doh!  So it was Wivenhoe for most of us but Ruth and Jon did the ride and enjoyed lunch.

Friday was a non event due to riders cancelling so Claire and I did our own thing.

This Wednesday we will be going to Fillpots and its looking hot.

Friday is a train and cycle day organised by Jon, Schedule as follows:-

• Leisure World: 10.30 am;

• Catch 11:11 am train from Hythe Station to Walton on the Naze;

• Ride from Walton station to The Naze;

• Ride from the The Naze to Clacton;

• Lunch at Greenswald Cafe;

• Ride from Clacton to Walton station;

• Aim for 3.00 pm return train, but if we miss it then have afternoon tea in Clacton and catch next available train (trains run hourly);

• The ride is about 18 miles;

• Open day return tickets from Hythe are £9.20 or £7.60 if bought in advance.  Riders buy their own tickets;

• Join either at Leisure World or Hythe station or any other station that’s convenient.

Friday B rides will cease at the end of October and resume in April. The majority are fine weather riders.  Claire and I will continue to ride and you are welcome to join us email me for details, we may even go out with the A ride.

The Christmas lunch is booked for Wednesday the 28th November 13:00 at the Alma Copford.

Fish and Chips

Christmas Pudding with Cream


There will be no charge to regular Wednesday Riders, this may be the last free Christmas meal so make the most of it.