Week Ending 11th November

Sorry for the delay of this posting.

Fridays ride out to the Shepherd was within reach of the Wednesday riders if we took the shortest route, however you need a black American Express Card to eat there (no credit limit).

Wednesday we will travel up Bakers Lane and make our way to the Bricklayers.

Friday, contact me via email on Thursday, current favourite is Poplar Nurseries.

I think by now most of you are aware of the changes that will take place on January 1st 2019, just in case the following is a resume.

“The proposals in respect of the groups direction and future, based upon the reply from members will take effect from January 1st 2019.

These being:-

Cease charging for rides after 3 weeks.

Cease membership of Cycling U.K. at renewal.

Cease renewal of Ride Leaders insurance.

Retain the name “Cycling for Pleasure (Colchester)”.

Retain the Bank Account and signatories.

Meet Wednesday and Fridays as a group of like minded cyclists.

Maintain some printed matter to hand out to interested parties.

Maintain the Web site

Charge an annual fee of £12.00 to cover promotional material payable in full on 1st January each year or in two £6.00 instalments in January and July.  New members will still enjoy 3 weeks free.

Maintain a register of members emergency phone contacts.

Each rider will take responsibilty for their own safety.

It would be preferred that each rider joins Cycling U.K. this will give insurance together with discounts at some cycle related stores. Adult current rate £46.50.  Senior £29.50.

In future a tail light to be used by the person at the front of the group and a front light by the person at the rear of the group, this will assist those riders in knowing the spread of the group.”

Finally, I have 16 booked for the Christmas Lunch on the 28th November, the cut of date too book is the 14th November.