Trust me it won’t Rain

Wednesday we returned to the Bricklayers Arms our old headquarters, under new management and much improved, we will add back onto our ride list.

Fridays ride to Poplar Nurseries was reasonably supported, there will be no Friday ride this week due to other commitments.

As winter is around the corner I will not publish the Wednesday ride in advance, we will make the decision on the day as appropriate for the weather conditions.

I now have the full list of attendees for the Christmas lunch and will email the 3 drivers who have volunteered their services as to who they will collect.

I think is about time we had a song to sing as we venture up hill and down dale through North Essex and South Suffolk on Wednesdays, so folks.

In the key of C  4/4

“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.

It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.””

repeat 16 times

“It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.”

Thats all folks