Monthly Archives: March 2020

After a Long Break

It is a bit ironic that I have started to update the groups activities when the country is in the middle of a pandemic crisis. For various reasons I have not posted information for a considerable time during which we have re-affiliated with Cycling U.K. and received some support for reworking this site and linking to other cycling websites relative to the Colchester Area.

Sadly in September 2019 and after a long illness Alan Palmer a guiding light and an inspiration to cyclist in North Essex/South Suffolk passed away. He is missed, one of his last acts was to give to me his Bates BAR frame a 1949 model, my year of birth, for me to restore and complete, I now have all the components for a sympathetic build and it will join my 1950 model soon, when ready I feel we should hold a party, if conditions allow, in Alans honour.

I hope to keep this site updated though our activities are restricted, if you can keep peddling, if you wish to start riding and need a bike we can help, make contact.

Best wishes to all Stuart Bailey