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Ride Updates and News

Over the past few weeks our numbers have increased giving us a solid core which increases our Wednesday ride numbers.

Our new Monday ride will start on the 17th May meeting at Leisureworld for a prompt 10:30 departure. This ride is longer than the Wednesday ride, mainly on quiet roads with some hills and at a faster pace. We will be cycling within a 15 mile radius from our base. Initially bring a packed lunch until we establish what is open for a lunch break.

I am looking for Ride Leader support if you are interested please use our contact form.

We had a number of bicycles, accessories and spares that were securely locked away in a container along with many other bicycles owned by En-Form. Despite the security persons unknown managed to access the container and its contents were removed. There was no sign of a forced entry the Police and Insurance Company are unwilling to assist. In our case one male bike was at my house awaiting service but we now need a ladies bicycle, if you can assist please make contact.

Ride Updates

We may have 2 new riders with us this week therefor I have decided we will go to Wivenhoe. I am not certain we will be able to stop at The Black Buoy so come prepared.

I would like to restart the weekly second ride but on a Monday starting at Leisureworld at 10:30 with a longer ride within a 12 mile radius. If you are interested will you please advise so I can take this further.

Robin Hayton

It is with great sadness’s that I have to announce that Robin passed away on the 23rd January, he and his support will be sadly missed by the group and we send our condolences to his family

Ride Updates

We will start riding from Wednesday the 31st of March from Leisureworld at our normal start time of 11:00 am.

The first ride this spring will be to Wivenhoe and I suggest you bring a packed lunch

For the foreseeable future we will ride in groups of six to comply with regulations until they are amended

Ride Report and Updates

An excellent turnout last week the Equality Commission would have been proud of us 5 female, 5 male. I thought the Berechurch arms was ok particularly as we had the government discount applied to the food.

This week we will ride to Andy’s Cafe at Severalls, for those of you who have not been there it is a long steady climb downhill all the way back. I would like to discuss routes over lunch and increasing the time on the saddle.

The following week we will go to Fillpots the Cafe has re-opened, the new longer route about 15 miles will give us the opportunity to stretch our legs.

I am considering Abberton for our next long ride any comments.

Ride Updates

We have been back in the saddle since 24th June with the exception of last week that was too hot. Numbers have been between 6 to 12 of us and a few new routes tried. We will continue the longer ride ever 4 weeks as I feel we learnt a lot on the first ride.

I would like to have a meeting to discuss routes as we need fresh ideas, maybe one week we could do this before we set off.

Some of our stoping places have still not reopened and a few have gone upmarket making a lunch stop expensive, this week will take an old route with modifications to the Berechurch Arms

Ride Updates

After a long hiatus the group started its regular Wednesday rides from Leisureworld on the 24th May leaving at our regular time 11:00 am. For the first three rides we have chosen Wivenhoe as our final destination, being an easy ride some members have not ventured far in lockdown. Next Wednesday 8th July will be our last ride to Wivenhoe for a while the Black Buoy will be open so no need for a picnic I have booked a table, I also noticed this week that the Deli opened at 11:50 am.

A few new rules for you, we are sticking to the 2 meter spacing and are riding single file.

I look forward to seeing you

After a Long Break

It is a bit ironic that I have started to update the groups activities when the country is in the middle of a pandemic crisis. For various reasons I have not posted information for a considerable time during which we have re-affiliated with Cycling U.K. and received some support for reworking this site and linking to other cycling websites relative to the Colchester Area.

Sadly in September 2019 and after a long illness Alan Palmer a guiding light and an inspiration to cyclist in North Essex/South Suffolk passed away. He is missed, one of his last acts was to give to me his Bates BAR frame a 1949 model, my year of birth, for me to restore and complete, I now have all the components for a sympathetic build and it will join my 1950 model soon, when ready I feel we should hold a party, if conditions allow, in Alans honour.

I hope to keep this site updated though our activities are restricted, if you can keep peddling, if you wish to start riding and need a bike we can help, make contact.

Best wishes to all Stuart Bailey

Friday 3rd May

Subject to weather a ride from Great Bentley Station to St Osyth, Jaywick, Clacton, Holland, Little Clacton, Weeley Heath and back to Great Bentley.  21 miles about 2 to 2.5 hours plus a lunch stop.

Or Great Bentley to St Osyth, Weeley Heath and back to Great Bentley 10 miles about 1.25 hours plus a lunch stop.

Ride will leave Leasureworld at 10:30 prompt

Week ending 28th April

last Friday we had a fast ride out to the Chequers at Great Tey.  Barry hit a pothole on the way back and had to replace an inner tube, a video is available.

I had proposed a long ride to Manningtree this coming Friday but the weather is changing so the destination may change.

I went out with the Wednesday group last week with Barry leading us to The Barn, excellent cakes, Robin had two.