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New Rides

Over the past few weeks I have looked at new rides and lunch stops for the Wednesday rides as follows.

Donkey and Buskins Layer de la Haye

The White Hart West Bergholt

The Barn Turkeycock Lane

The Half Butt Inn Great Horkesley

Friday rides as follows.

The Chequers Great Tey

The Swan Chapel

We will ride to The White Hart on the 13th March

I need Inspiration

I am running out of ideas for Wednesday rides, the issue is where to stop for lunch.  This week I propose either the Donkey and Buskin or The Bricklayers Arms via an alternative route.

ATW Cycle Repairs (Andy Woolf) is still undertaking Service as Repairs.  He can be contacted on 07963 196129 or bookings can be done online at A collection and delivery service is available.

Friday we may get out at last, Dedham.

News Updates

Wednesdays ride to Great Bentley was cancelled, although I went down to Leasureworld it was to cold for my breathing so Barry took the Ladies section to Wivenhoe, there were issues on the train service as well.

The weather for this Wednesday is much the same and I doubt I will ride.  You can meet as normal and decide a route amongst yourselves.

Week Ending 20th January

last Wednesday the ladies turned out in force for our ride to CESSAA formally The Musket Club.  Come on gentleman  get up out of bed it is not that cold at the moment.

Friday, I did not ride due my back problem but 3 riders went to Abberton.

This week we will either go to Fillpots or my new route to the Dog and Pheasant.

Friday, I will keep an eye on the weather maybe Messing or Dedham.

News from the New World

Some of you may not know but we have members from the New World, Beth and Ian Haysom also Mike White, all Canadians well almost.

The following is an extract from Mike who led the group with Ash and on his own for many years now residing in Miami.

“Please pass on my greetings to all those that remember me, if there are any left! Are there many from the old group that still come out?

I am pleased to hear that the group is still going strong! I hope there are some confident people that will step up this time and lead a few rides for you. It can get tiring when you’re the only one doing it, especially when it has really only been you for almost 3 years now! That’s impressive! I like the idea of an annual membership as well, it keeps monies safer, and then there are no worries about collecting on the day, etc.

I have purchased a new bike! This one is a purpose bought bike, she has a specific job to perform. I’s the first time I have ever purchased a bike with a set job in mind, I am really happy! She will take me from Miami to Ottawa! She is a Jamis Renegade Expat, and is a gravel adventure bike. I took her for her first spin on Dec 31st. Just a short 25 miles or so, but I rode along the levies into the Everglades, mostly gravel. My God! What a beautiful ride! She went from pavement to gravel and I didn’t even notice a drop in speed or effort! It was wonderful! I am hoping that my ride to Canada keeps me off the gravel, but if I do encounter it, then I am no longer worried. She is steel framed, and carbon forks, with tubeless tyres 700×36, so she has been built for comfort and reliability. Steel frame to absorb and flex, carbon forks to dampen road noise, wide tubeless tyres to roll easy and forever! A complete dream of a bike! Granted, she is not as fast as my other bike, but way more comfortable. I have an audax with her on Sat, 136 miles, so that will be my real test. There is a section on that ride where the pavement is complete garbage. Think these stone chips they are resurfacing all of the UK with, but have it as actual pavement. This goes on for about 25 miles, but as this is an out and back ride, you have 50 miles to cover on it! The old bike was able to do it, barely, but I was cursing up a storm the whole way. This time, I doubt I will even notice.

Anyway, glad to hear things are doing well with the group, and I hope it continues to do so!”

I hope to keep you updated on Mikes epic ride.

Six of us rode into the sun on Wednesday to find most of Wivenhoe shut, including the Black Bouy so we went to pub on the front which is under new management that requires training.

Friday was abandoned as to cold for my breathing.

This Wednesday we will go to the Musket Club and hopefully on Friday finally make Abberton.

A New Year & a New Beginning

Following discussions within the group we have decided not to renew our affiliation to Cycling UK, though we do recommend that those who cycle with us join Cycling UK for cycling insurance and the many other benefits it provides the every day rider.

From our first ride on the 2nd January 2019 we will ride as a group of friends with a common interest, without a specific ride leader, taking it in turn to lead the group if you wish to.

The £2.00. per ride after the 3rd ride will be replaced by an annual fee of £12.00. which can be paid in one or two instalments, the fee is to cover general promotional costs and sundry safety items.

This will be the start of my 4th year at the helm, I will do one more making a total of 5 before taking a back seat (on a tandem!).

I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year, where shall we go.

Week Ending 23rd December

looking at the weather for Wednesday I will decide on the day where we ride.  The same goes for Friday.

I will be taking the website down over Christmas to make revisions for the New Year.

If any of you wish to join Cycling UK for the benefits it offers details can be found at:-

Currently I intend to ride on Boxing day with a later start of 11:30, if you intend to come please email me.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year